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Find the secrets of success in God’s kingdom.

Wealth in a steward’s hands is powerful. With spiritual guidance and discernment, you can use your giftedness for God’s glory and yield incredible returns of eternal impact.

After years of investing in both successful and failed ventures, Raymond H. Harris shares how he has seen God multiply human efforts when people faithfully steward all God has given them. Based on biblical principles of stewardship and investing, Enduring Wealth will encourage you to:

  • build economic engines to cultivate assets for God’s kingdom,
  • understand how to convert earthly assets into kingdom capital,
  • give with wisdom and a joyful heart,
  • foster partnerships and friendships with others to serve,
  • listen to the whispers of the Holy Spirit, and
  • live with an eternal mindset.

Watch God transform the world as you place your earthly treasures in His hands.


  • Stan Jantz
    "If you want to make a difference with the resources you have, invite Raymond Harris to share his experience on how to be an effective steward. Reading Enduring Wealth will change the way you invest in God’s work in this world."
    Stan Jantz
    best-selling author; CEO, Come and See Foundation
  • David Ridley
    "As a Christian who participated in the world of business for over forty years, I always struggled with the integration of my wealth and faith. I greatly admire how Raymond has thoughtfully developed an understanding of wealth from a biblical perspective and has invested his wealth in the kingdom in an intentional way that increases human flourishing. My goal is to integrate many of his beliefs and principles described in these pages into my ministry going forward. This is a must-read for anyone questioning the purpose of work and use of their wealth accumulation."
    David Ridley
    founder and CEO, Invesco Real Estate; guest speaker; mentor
  • Bob Doll
    "Raymond Harris is the real deal! Read this book, and you will witness a man devoted to stewardship. My friend Raymond wrote Enduring Wealth based on both Scripture and a life of experience (with ups and downs and lessons learned) as he has attempted to be effective and efficient in how he uses the resources God has given him for His glory."
    Bob Doll
    chief investment officer, Crossmark Global Investments; former chief equity strategist or investment officer, Nuveen, BlackRock, Merrill (formerly Merrill Lynch), and OppenheimerFunds
  • John Rinehart
    "Many men and women create wealth, but few understand its purpose. This book is a treasure map, the shortcut for us to learn what took Raymond Harris years to uncover. As a highly successful architect, Raymond has thought deeply about God’s designs for wealth, but even more importantly, he has learned to live them out. I’m proud to call Raymond Harris a friend and an exemplary gospel patron."
    John Rinehart
    founder and CEO, Gospel Patrons; author, Gospel Patrons
  • Howard Dayton
    "Raymond Harris has the courage to write this needed and excellent book. It contains authentic stories that may challenge your way of thinking about generosity. He shares how to convert earthly assets into kingdom capital that you will be able to enjoy for all eternity."
    Howard Dayton
    founder, Crown Financial Ministries and Compass— Finances God’s Way; author
  • Henry Kaestner
    "I’m a richer man after reading this book. I love the way that Raymond has tackled a topic that is on the minds and hearts of all of us. I wholeheartedly recommend this book for every faithdriven entrepreneur and faith-driven investor."
    Henry Kaestner
    cofounder, Faith Driven Entrepreneur and Faith Driven Investor; cofounder, Sovereign’s Capital, Bandwidth, and Republic Wireless
  • Todd Peterson
    "My friend Raymond is as kingdom minded and gospel focused as anyone I know in the business world. He and his family want their lives to count for the few things that will last forever and matter most. This focus drives his and his wife’s every decision. They live within the reality of “to whom much is given much is required,” and this helps them make the most of every opportunity. Their stewardship is bearing enduring fruit, and I have no doubt they will hear our Lord say, “Well done.” God gave them many talents, and they are investing them wisely and offering all the return back to God. You’ll enjoy Raymond’s story in Enduring Wealth."
    Todd Peterson
    NFL placekicker (1993–2005); chairman, Pro Athletes Outreach; former CEO, Seed Company; founder, illumiNations
  • Thomas C. Leppert
    "Raymond presents a new and dynamic perspective on giving and stewardship. His creative use of stories powerfully captures this radical way to invest in God’s kingdom. The resulting approach will change your view of donating and, in the process, put you in a better position to convert your earthly assets into real kingdom capital that will endure through eternity."
    Thomas C. Leppert
    business executive; former CEO, Turner Corporation; former mayor, Dallas, Texas
  • Bill Hendricks
    "I’ve been waiting for this book for five years—ever since the day Raymond Harris told me he was trying to figure out how one converts the currency of the world into the treasures of heaven (see Matthew 6:20). His answer is a stunning vision of God’s kingdom economy. This extraordinarily personal and practical book will prove valuable for anyone, but it’s especially relevant for the rich and those who partner with them. It should be a required textbook for the growing impact and faith-driven investment communities and every Christian nonprofit. I am deeply blessed to know Raymond as a friend, and reading his book is like having a conversation with him. He’s simply the real deal."
    Bill Hendricks
    president, The Giftedness Center; executive director of Christian Leadership, The Hendricks Center at Dallas Theological Seminary
  • Chuck Bentley
    "Enduring Wealth provides valuable insights into the beliefs and practices that guide this committed business leader, husband, father, investor, donor, and faithful steward. Raymond writes with both candor and care for those who yearn for a more meaningful relationship with Jesus and money."
    Chuck Bentley
    CEO, Crown Financial Ministries; founder, Christian Economic Forum; author
  • Nick Pitts, PhD
    "Conversations about money cause some to feel guilty and others to feel weary, but this book by Raymond Harris will leave you feeling inspired and empowered. Substantiated by personal examples, Enduring Wealth provides a refreshing and godly take on how to think about money. With grace and conviction, Raymond shares how you can experience the joy that comes from powering God’s economic engine for the glory of His name."
    Nick Pitts, PhD
    former executive director, Institute of Global Engagement at Dallas Baptist University; current events blogger
  • Mark M. Yarbrough
    "I learned years ago from one of my ministry mentors the value of being a student of great people—people great in character and godly wisdom. Therefore, you need this book by my friend Raymond Harris. God has blessed all of us with resources. Be a student and learn from the best. Raymond doesn’t just talk it. He walks it."
    Mark M. Yarbrough
    president, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • David Simms
    "The title and subtitle for Raymond Harris’s masterful book are perfect descriptions of the challenge he puts before us. What does it mean to be “rich in this world and the next”? How do you build “enduring wealth”? The candor with which he shares his personal stories—successes and failures—provides insight for reflection. If you want to be on the path to hearing God say, “Well done, good and faithful servant,” and building enduring wealth, I recommend you read Raymond’s book with a pen in hand."
    David Simms
    managing partner and founder, Talanton; former president, Opportunity US; former White House Fellow
  • William C. Peel, DMin
    "Raymond Harris draws on his wealth of experience in effectively earning, managing, sharing, and investing the substantial material resources God has entrusted to him. Regardless of the magnitude of their financial portfolio, Enduring Wealth is a crucial read for anyone who aspires to hear their Master say, “Well done.” For those with significant financial assets, Harris shows a pathway to unlocking untapped kingdom potential and envision possibilities you may not have considered before."
    William C. Peel, DMin
    president and founder, 24Seven Project (24SevenFaith.com); author
  • Todd Harper
    "Enduring Wealth is a compelling reflection on a lifetime of stewarding God’s resources to build God’s kingdom. Raymond’s experiences and insights are worth reading for anyone interested in how to be increasingly rich toward God."
    Todd Harper
    cofounder, Generous Giving
  • Keith Getty
    "I have loved reading Raymond Harris’s book. Not only does it help us think with honesty and excitement about the money and gifts God has given us, but it also comes from Raymond, one person who ruthlessly practices these principles. He is a true partner who prays, encourages, advises, and pours himself wholeheartedly into people and projects of eternal worth."
    Keith Getty
    modern hymn writer and Grammy-nominated artist, Getty Music
  • Alan Barnhart
    "Raymond Harris has creatively invested his life and his finances in God’s kingdom for decades. When he speaks—or writes—I listen."
    Alan Barnhart
    CEO, Barnhart Crane & Rigging
  • Adam C. Wright, PhD
    "Raymond Harris has done it again. This is a must-read book for kingdom leaders. This powerfully insightful book with practical wisdom is sure to make an eternal impact."
    Adam C. Wright, PhD
    president, Dallas Baptist University
  • Nathan H. Sheets
    "Enduring Wealth is more than just a book on stewardship. It is an autobiographical compilation of a lifelong spiritual journey that the Lord has taken Raymond Harris on. I have been blessed to be a recipient of Raymond’s stewardship, and I have learned countless lessons from his perspective on stewarding God’s resources. I believe anyone who reads this work will be challenged and inspired to look at their own resources through a new lens and will learn how they, too, have been entrusted to make an impact for eternity."
    Nathan H. Sheets
    CEO, Nature Nate’s Honey Company
  • Mark Holman
    "In this deeply personal book, Raymond Harris shares a lifetime of lessons of how to steward the money entrusted to us. He shows us how we can loosen our grasp, open our hands, adopt an eternal perspective, and then invest wisely and well in what will last."
    Mark Holman
    CEO and chairman, Expanesthetics Inc.

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About the Author

Raymond H. Harris has been an architect for over forty years and is a venture capitalist in God’s kingdom. The founder of one of the most prolific American architectural firms, he has extensive experience leading businesses, volunteer organizations, and ministry projects. Raymond and his wife, Marydel, currently reside in Dallas, Texas, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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